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Intuitively, we know that getting outside in the fresh air and having contact with nature is good for us. And it is true. More and more studies and research conclude that spending time in good quality outdoor spaces has benefits for all aspects of our health. Even starting by simply looking at nature, then just being outside, and on to any number of activities outdoor environment brings extra benefits for our health and wellbeing.

Most people have some kind of outdoor space with some nature close to where they live, work or go to school. It requires minimal specialist equipment to access it. Going for a walk, having a picnic or simply sitting to watch a sunset are examples of activities that can help to make you feel good.

Making use of our outdoor places can help guard against key health issues such as depression and heart disease. It can also be fun. It can connect people to nature and to each other. It energises and inspires us in our day to day lives.

Walk Leader Training

If there are no current sessions listed on our Bookwhen page, please check back at a later date for available training courses throughout Spring and Summer 2024.