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Green social prescribing is the practice of supporting people to engage in nature-based interventions and activities to improve their mental and physical health.

Social prescribing link workers (and other trusted professionals in allied roles) connect people to community groups and agencies for practical and emotional support, based on a ‘what matters to you’ conversation.

Green social prescribing includes both what is known as green and blue activities. These could include local walking schemes, community gardening projects, conservation volunteering, green gyms, open water swimming or arts and cultural activities which take place outdoors.

These activities may be ‘prescribed’ by link workers (and other trusted professionals) alongside other forms of support, for example, referrals to support for housing or finances – based on the needs and circumstances of each individual.

In BwD, our Health & Wellbeing Team are working with Social Prescribers and partner organisations to help make access to outdoor activities and nature-based interventions easier for residents and to help support peoples mental and physical health.

More information coming soon…