Introducing some of our current re:fresh volunteers

Current volunteer roles: Session Support (Motivate)

Years of service: Two and a half years

Brief description of current role:  Helping to set up equipment, handing out bows, arrows and arm guards, also checking they’re worn in correct place/fastened properly.  Checking bows and arrows for any repairs that need to be reported or fixed.  Helping to keeping an eye on the safety of all members of the group, also their careers, i.e.  Checking to see no one walks past the safety lines when others are shooting.

Talking to everyone so they feel welcome and enjoy their time at the sessions. Helping where possible or reporting to team leader any problems they may be having with the equipment or at the sessions.

Helping to clear up equipment when session has finished.

How has your role changed during the pandemic?  The main big change during the pandemic was the group members had to be restricted from around 50-60 people, down to around 10, which was a big change for some of the members.

For me thankfully my role stayed pretty much the same as before, except for all the social distancing rules which had to be followed, medical masks, gloves, social distancing as well as hand sanitizer. We had to wipe down and thoroughly clean all the equipment and surfaces before & after use. Some sessions where changed to various other activities like football golf or football rounder’s as the archery equipment couldn’t be used due to covid restrictions.

I was notified before the changes and told I didn’t need to attend if I didn’t want to due to my own disability problems. But I chose to still go and help where possible, not that I could do much mainly talking to members and cleaning equipment to be honest.

What do you enjoy most about being a re:fresh volunteer?  I really enjoy talking to members and helping to hopefully make their day a little better, also seeing so many members smiling, laughing and enjoying their time at the session and knowing I helped with that all be it in a small way.

The good thing is that volunteering with re:fresh not only helps others but I find it also helps me to get out and feel useful again even with my own disability/health problems. Especially after so many years of being stuck at home.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a re:fresh volunteer? Volunteering gives you the chance to get out of the house, helping others doing things you may already enjoy or maybe start helping with something different. There are various projects you can help with all in your local area, it also gives you the opportunities to meet new people, learn some new skills & gives you a sense of pride in yourself, knowing you helped others even in a small way, no matter what age you are.

Are you interested in joining the re:fresh volunteers team?

Do you have an hour or more to spare during the week? Are you interested in helping serve the community? Are you looking to enhance your skills?

Get in touch with us to find out more about the re:fresh volunteers team. For an informal chat or to express an interest please get in touch with:
Anthony Carr: 01254 587979/07855143720