Together an Active Future – Local Delivery Pilot Update

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It’s taken some time, but after much toil, sweat, deliberation and debate…here is a finalised short summary that details who, how and where Blackburn with Darwen will focus its effort in the coming months and years as part of the Pennine Lancashire Sport England Local Delivery Pilot; Together an Active Future.


This is the culmination of numerous discussions, engagement events, surveys and statistical data analysis which started back in summertime 2019 and earlier, so there is real confidence that the areas identified have a strong and genuine rationale behind them and make sense for Blackburn with Darwen.

So…what’s this all about?

  • Pennine Lancashire (Blackburn with Darwen, Burnley, Hyndburn, Ribble Valley, Pendle and Rossendale) is one of twelve areas selected as a Local Delivery Pilot by Sport England; exploring and better understanding the challenge of physical inactivity with the potential to access up to £10m of funding.
  • This isn’t about more of the same, it’s about understanding what needs to be different to make a difference for those people who aren’t physically active and this pilot needs to create sustainable, long term change. This isn’t just focused on getting more bums on seats!
  • It will be critical to form lasting partnerships and relationships to help create stronger, more connected communities where being active is easy and enjoyable.
  • This pilot will be shaped by input, ideas and involvement from the people of Blackburn with Darwen and led by communities; this is bigger than any single organisation.

The Focus in Blackburn with Darwen


1. Parks and green spaces. Big, small, obvious and hidden.

2. Canals, reservoirs, water space and the surrounding environment

3. Shared Urban Spaces: Housing estates, roads, streets, car parks

4. Workplaces of all kinds and sizes


Efforts and resource will largely be focused across main target groups; however, those within additional target groups are also included within the scope of the pilot

Delivery Principles: Ensuring we stay on track

These principles are intended to provide a consistent approach with enough flexibility so that places and people are able to develop interventions based on their local insight, expertise, passion and plans.

1. Remain focused: ensure that ideas, plans and projects will help physically inactive people

2. Build sustainability into all plans from the start: think longer term

3. Continue to be led by communities, not delivered to them: demonstrate involvement of local people in gaining insight and building solutions

4. Really think about what needs to be different to make a difference for the intended audience(s)

5. Willingness to be bold, try new things, and dare to be different – always with a clear purpose

6. Nurture collaborations and partnerships that strengthen local delivery and build capacity in the long term

7. Think about the wider (whole) system approach: how can we affect a larger, more significant change around any issue?

8. Combine the use of insight, feedback and data together: demonstrate consideration of the diversity of local communities

9. Learn from ‘failures’ and ‘success’ in equal measure: a test and learn mind-set every step of the way

For further information please contact Local Delivery Pilot lead for Blackburn with Darwen:

Richard Brown

T: 01254 587235