Pulmonary Rehabilitation Group Challenge

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The third annual group challenge this year took part during Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week 17th to 21st June 2019.


As a group, to walk more than a half marathon distance within a forty five minute session at Audley Sports Centre.

If the group achieved the half marathon distance, their exercise instructor would match the distance by completing a half marathon run.

Eighteen group members took part, all with Chronic Lung disease. Some members managed only a few lengths of the twenty metre course as they really struggle walking where as others managed to keep walking for the full forty five minutes. However, all members pushed themselves to do as much as quickly as they could because they were determined to achieve the target.

The group achieved a massive fifteen miles during the forty five minutes achieving above the half marathon distance of thirteen miles one hundred and ninety two and a half yards.

This required Andy Holt, the group’s exercise instructor to attempt a Half Marathon run.

On Thursday 20th June 2019 Andy completed a half marathon distance, running from Witton Park Arena clockwise following the Weavers wheel route (the opposite direction from the previous year). A largely traffic free and well signed route encircling Blackburn town centre giving lovely views of East Lancashire from all directions on what was a clear sunny day.

Below is a map of the route Andy completed.

Andy achieved a good time of one hour and fifty nine minutes, having to push at the end to complete in under two hours.

Andy would like to thank Julie Pentony, Vicki Alker and June Langstreth for their help with this event.

For more information about walking and cycling on the Weavers wheel please visit the following website:

Weavers Wheel