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Thinking about quitting? Good to hear it! 🙂

There’s some amazing benefits to stopping, some of them instant!  Just 12 hours after quitting smoking the carbon monoxide in your body is lower and your blood oxygen levels go back to normal.  After a couple of weeks, your blood circulation improves and your lungs start to work better.  After a year you will have reduced your risk of heart disease by half compared to when you smoked.

A 20 per day smoker could save themselves ÂŁ3000 per year by not smoking!!


People who quit with the structured support of a stop smoking service are up to four times more likely to be successful than those who go it alone.


Understanding what’s in a cigarette and why smoking is so bad for you might help you quit for good!  For more information click here.

Smoking calculator

Go to NHS Choices homepage


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