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As we get older our muscle strength and balance reduces, and this increases our risk of having a life-changing fall.

Keeping active and doing simple strength and balance exercises can help to reduce this risk, and you are never too old to start.

Falls don’t have to be an inevitable part of ageing, and by taking the correct steps to maintain strength can really help us to stay steady on our feet and keep our independence.

The refresh team are here to support you to improve your strength and balance which help to make daily activities easier to manage, keeping you independent for longer. We can offer individual support and advice on how to stay active as we get older, along with home exercise packs, online resource and signposting to other services.

Click here to view Age UK’s simple and easy exercises for older adults.

Click here to view the latest guidelines for Physical Activity for Adults and Older Adults.

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For tips on how to reduce your chances of falling, where to get help and information, and support if you’ve already had a fall, click here.

You will find 6 simple exercises to do at home and lots of useful information and tips to help you reduce your risk of falls this this useful leaflet produced by Saga, in association with the Chartered Association of Physiotherapy and Public Health England.


Watch our latest videos here on YouTube! Our channel has access to a weeks worth of Falls Prevention Sessions you can do from home, delivered by some familiar faces… Ali & Linda!

Click here for full access to all our videos which can help improve your strength and balance.

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