Exercise on Referral

A 12 week programme to support inactive adults living with long term conditions.

Watch our latest Exercise on Referral Scheme video on YouTube now! Find out everything you need to know about the programme, and hear from past clients on the impact from the service for a healthier lifestyle.

For some people, getting active can be a challenge and they need some extra support. This is where the Exercise Referral Scheme can help. It’s an exciting exercise programme which your GP, practice nurse or health advisor can recommend for you.

For a low cost, our 12 week programme is an opportunity to take part in a range of activities.

Who is it for?

The Exercise Referral Scheme is intended for people who:


Who should I talk to about the scheme?

If you think you’re eligible, please talk to your GP, practice nurse or health advisor for a referral. You can also be referred by specialist NHS services, local health trainers and local public health services.

The medical professional will send us a referral letter and we’ll contact you to arrange an initial appointment with one of our Activators.

What happens at the initial appointment?

Your initial appointment will take place via the telephone.  One of our Activators will call you at an agreed time. The call will last for about an hour and will include a health and lifestyle assessment and you will discuss suitable exercise and activities that you might enjoy doing during the 12 week programme. You’ll be able to raise any questions or concerns that you may have about taking part in the scheme.

What activities are on offer?

These are some of the activities included in the scheme:

What support will I get?

Throughout the 12 week scheme you can discuss your progress with our Activators. At the end of the scheme you will have a final appointment where you can talk about your progress and how you are going to continue your healthier lifestyle.



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